Want to monetize your life calling?

in6Months.com Is An Elite Scholarship Based 6-Month Mentoring Program with Coach Khama


Would you like to make a living – doing what you love?

Would you like to work from the comfort of your home?

Would you like to earn what you know you are worth?


Khama coaches a small group of private clients (one-on-one) to show them the path to ultimate prosperity, time freedom & how they can do what they love, profitably! She has created this one-of-a kind program to combine the best of ALL worlds – private coaching, group training, accountability tracking systems, exquisite client support and much more!

If you are sick & tired of being sick & tired, living paycheck-to-paycheck, working in a job you don’t like and dreaming about your dream life instead of living it, OR if you work for yourself and love what you do, but are barely making ends meet – please read the detailed information below and reserve your spot for this exclusive, one-of-a-kind FREE program.

In this six month coaching & mentoring program, Khama will unfold every single detail, technique and strategy that she’s used to build her 6-figure business…


  • Freedom Lifestyle
  • Debt Elimination
  • Fun Purchases
  • Ability to Hire Help
  • Philanthropy and more!

This VERY limited opportunity, is by far the most powerful mentoring program you’ll find to take you to 6-figures in 6 months! It’s a high-end, structured program, specifically tailored for the “no-excuses, let’s do this, I’m ready” type of client! If that sounds like you, please read on and be sure to watch all of the videos…






Calendar“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov 29:18)

In this session, Khama will help you sculpt your ultimate vision. This first step is not only fun, it’s the most important! Clear, laser-focused visioning is essential for long-term success. This process is to envision your ideal lifestyle, not just your ideal business. This is where you decide and declare, without limits, where you’d like to be in the next 6 months.





EraseFearIn this session, Khama will help you position yourself mentally for your big upleveling.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). As you step into your next phase, Khama will teach you how to re-wire your brain for success. Combining brain science with the latest neurological reprogramming techniques – you’ll remove the limiting beliefs, excuses, fear and other toxic build-up that has been causing you to play small, sabotage and settle for less than you deserve. This powerful session is a deep neuro-network reconfiguration in your brain – on the conscious and subconscious levels (using the principle of neuroplasticity), so the “I keep getting in my own way” STOPS!




business-increase-profitsIn this session, Khama will fine-tune your business plan.

To generate consistent cash flow, a properly crafted business plan is a must! It is said in Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision, and make it plain”. It does not say, “talk about, dream about or think about it” – it says WRITE the vision! The more detailed your plan – the more effective and powerful you become. Your business plan is your flashlight. It’s your compass. It’s your GPS system. It’s your power source. In this business development strategy session, Khama will help you select the most sensible business model for your goals that will yield the highest profit and personal satisfaction.




Marketing and strategy
In this session, Khama will “peel back the curtain” and show you her profit-pulling, client-securing, sales and marketing action plan.
Do you know the business equation of success?

It’s – 10% Content, 20% Presentation and 70% EXPOSURE! You can be GREAT at what you do and have a website with all of the bells and whistles – but if nobody knows who you are – you will struggle! We don’t want that to happen to you. So to make it easier, a customized, world-class plan will be created – with all the things you love to do, and nothing that you don’t! Even more, most of the strategies are no cost or low-cost, yet produce extraordinary & immediate results!


In this session, Khama will teach you step-by-step the fastest and easiest way to a sale.
With increased skills in client acquisition, your closing ratios will skyrocket! If you know what you do is needed in the world, this means more changed lives as well as more money in your bank account! The exchange of products and services for cash is an art, therefore, mastering the art of selling is a key component to your success.



In this session, Khama will teach you her winning formula for passive income streams. The definition of passive income is: an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Khama’s “multiplier effect” is a process to create additional revenue streams from your *existing* business. You will learn simple ways to expand your impact in the world, while making money while you sleep. This method is the easiest way to rapidly grow your business. Khama has mastered this with delegation (such as hiring a team, which includes Client Relations Specialists) and with her product line (which includes her book, 28 DVD Collection and 12-CD SET). Khama will suggest your next best steps and implementation strategies. This session is priceless!




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“Since becoming an in6months.com client, I attracted 9 ideal clients (premiere business owners in Houston) in TWO WEEKS, my fanpage grew to 4321, I launched a membership coaching program AND I have been chosen by Award Winning Producer, Tracey Edmonds & B.E.T Founder, Bob Johnson as one of their Alright TV Vloggers! My segments take you on a 12 step journey each week of achieving success with Work-Life-Balance or Harmony!

And, by Khama’s instruction, I wrote and recorded my affirmations (The Ultimate Vision). I listen to them everyday & they are now apart of me, driving my actions daily! I have been implementing what Khama Anku says, her voice has been in my ear the whole way! Thanks Khama!!!”

Kachelle Kelly
Pearland, Texas



“Within the 1st month of in6months.com, I closed 3 clients in ONE WEEK for a revenue totaling $3,700!! I nearly doubled my monthly income! I also received a check for a profit-share, a check for commissions for sales on a collaboration book I have on Amazon! AND, I also got approached by a client to become the lead partner in her business.

Khama has helped me get laser focused in my vision, my planning and my activities. She gives simple tips that, if you do them, really work, in big ways! Thanks, Khama”
Dortha Hise
Folsom, California



“Before Khama coming into our lives, we had been spinning in circles with our coaching business for almost 4 years. Within 1 month of joining in6months.com, we created our 6-month relationship coaching program, developed a website to feature the program, posted youtube videos and launched a FREE training call and a FREE ebook to funnel people into our coaching program. We completely transformed our mindset and our business to attract ideal clients.Within our 2nd month of in6months.com, we officially launched our program and immediately secured our first paying clients!

Before in6months.com – zero clients for four years, after 6 weeks with Khama – A FLOOD OF NEW BUSINESS!”
Luisa Otero & Michael Sirignano
Kew Gardens Hills, New York



“Since connecting with Khama Anku’s in6months.com, my husband and I have seen our business expand tremendously. Last month alone we added 12 new people to our growing organization. Over the past few months all of our meetings have grown to where there is standing room only! We also expanded our business into a 4th country. Thanks to Khama we have been able to identify where we need to focus using her laser focusing technique. Her step by step teaching methods are simple yet highly effective. Because of her we speak our goals into existence everyday, our weaknesses are now strengthened and our bank account is growing!

Thanks Khama. You transformed our business and our lives!”
Neil & Penny Joseph
Antigua, West Indies


Watch: “Why Your Life Is Going Nowhere”

Watch: “How to Stay Positive in a Negative Situation”

Watch: “Feeling Stuck, Please Stop Doing This…”

Watch: “Three Steps to Getting Out of a Rut”



“After working with the awesome Khama Anku for just 4 months, I made almost as much in one month as I did ALL of last year!

When I joined in6months.com, my business was just barely getting by. It was growing way too slow, clients were scarce and my focus was on creating more products and services rather than marketing what I had already created.

Since joining in6months.com and working with Khama for just 4 months, I have:

-regained a sharp focus on my business, as well as, renewed motivation, passion and energy for my work
-launched a new website
-got over my hesitation and concerns about doing videos, have learned to film and edit them myself and now have them on the new website
-began a personal, structured physical health program – the first of this kind I have ever done
-booked 3 radio shows with an invitation from a colleague to create and cohost a new show
-developed my membership group further
-put the finishing touches on a new product my clients have been waiting for
-am writing and preparing to give a teleclass in support of my group
-found new, easy, fun and less time consuming ways to market my business
-have made several strong, valuable referral partner connections
-increased the Likes on my business page on Facebook and increased views and shares of my content
-created a future action plan for additional articles, videos, teleclasses, products and services to support what I already have in place

WOW! Reading all this would have, in the past, made me tired, now it makes me excited and re-energized! Thank You, Khama!!”

Elaine Lockard
Newport News, Virginia




“In the last 3 months, I made more money from coaching than I made in the last two years combined!

“Before I started Khama’s in6months.com program, I was a part-time coach just barely making enough money from my business to meet my expenses. I knew that I wanted to expand my business into a full-time practice, but this felt like a fantasy until I started working Khama. I knew I was a great coach, but I was unclear about my business goals, and did not have a clue on how to market and attract my ideal clients. I priced my services too low, and was working too hard for the results I was getting.

In the last 3 months, I made more money from coaching than I made in the last two years combined – thanks to what I learned from Khama about marketing, client acquisition and how to make my coaching business flourish. I have a new pricing structure that is attracting long-term clients who pay up front for a year’s worth of coaching. I’m moving into full-time coaching and I feel excited, grateful, confident and well-prepared.

Khama is very knowledgeable about what WORKS for building a successful program. And she is SO generous in sharing what she knows. For instance, she provides templates for contracts, scripts, and almost any kind of resource I needed to create for my business.

As a result of what I’ve learned from Khama, I really know how to attract and get the clients that are perfect for my business. I learned the value of treating my clients like GOLD, and serving them really well. Khama’s encouraging and cares deeply about me and my success – and that of all her clients. Joining in6months.com has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Carrie Doubts
Fairfield, Ohio




“From the first conversation I had with Khama, I received valuable support for my business. Before Khama’s coaching I was getting discouraged, draining my savings, and losing my self-confidence. On that first pre-screening call, she spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming different ways that I could monetize my business, which I really appreciated and got me excited again about my business. I knew then, that she was the person whose coaching I needed to get myself unstuck. And her plan for me has done exactly that.

After I enrolled in in6months.com, by following Khama’s instructions after the first coaching call, I was able to secure more enrollment conversations than I ever had before, and my conversion rate improved by about 200%.
After just two months into Khama’s program, I QUADRUPLED my income!

Khama lovingly gives practical solutions to every concern that comes up for me and her expertise, backed by years of experience, is a reliable source of guidance that has given me the inspiration and motivation to move my business to the next level.”

Jeannette Koczela

Fairfield, Iowa


Would you like to apply for a scholarship?


1) FREE 1:1 Coaching Calls with Khama ($14,995 value)


PrivateSignFirst and foremost, you will have private strategy calls with Khama. Too many people sign up for coaching programs, get lost in the herd and end up more confused than when they started. “More info, but no direct access to the actual coach” is a recipe for disaster! Not so with Khama’s In6Months.com! As an Elite Client, you will have the entry code to Khama’s on-line scheduler and may book your coaching calls at times that are convenient for you. Every month, simply open up her calendar and select an available time slot. You will receive an email confirmation. Then, the day and time of your session – just dial Khama’s toll free 800#, key in your private access code and you’re connected! All sessions are conducted by phone. International Clients are welcome!

2) FREE Training Calls ($8,495 value)


During the entire 6-month program, you will receive powerful, content-rich 60-90 minute training calls hosted by Khama based on the topic of the month (from the 6 aforementioned modules). Khama’s training call curriculum consists of proven and structured teachings that are known to save people years of pain, frustration and struggle.


3) FREE Call-In Hours ($6,295 value)
emergency-phone-300x200Dial in to Khama’s call-in hours for a ten-minute laser-coaching session – between your scheduled 1:1 coaching calls. There aren’t any appointments, it’s first come/first served – but her schedule is clear during these designated times – just for you! This is an exclusive bonus that really provides that extra “edge” to take you straight to the top! Plus, it’s always a BLAST and lots of FUN! So much can happen in a quick 10-minute laser coaching call, be sure to dial in!

4) FREE Premier Concierge Services ($2,995 value)


As an Elite Client, a full-time premier concierge desk is available to you. Services include direct access to Khama’s Executive Assistant to answer questions about your program benefits. The concierge is committed to exceeding your expectations – with exquisite service.The concierge desk is open Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm PST (1pm-6pm EST). All phone messages are returned within 48 business hours.


5) FREE Tracking & Accountability ($1,995 value)



We will track progress on a monthly basis. Simply submit your numbers (income) and Khama will use these reports to easily track and measure your improvement. This process is to ensure your eyes “stay on the prize” and identify problem areas before they become catastrophes! Systematized analytics will prevent stagnation or decline, highlight growth and also encourage celebration of progress – an essential element for continued success!


6) FREE VIP Apprentice Day ($14,995 value)



As an Elite Client, you can go to Khama’s home office in Los Angeles for an apprentice day! The VIP apprentice day includes healthy and delicious food, refreshments and a full 8-hour working day with Khama! For details about the Apprentice Program, click here.

*Redeemable within 1 year of completion of 6-month program (on select VIP days).

7) FREE Unleash Your Breakthrough Tickets ($6,995 value)
As an Elite Client, you’ll receive FOUR FREE TICKETS to Khama’s signature Live Event, Unleash Your Breakthrough! You can spend 2 full days with Khama, in person with other high-quality attendees, in Los Angeles, September 27th & 28th 2014. Bring your spouse, family, friends or business partners on us! Four Tickets – No Charge! This two-day event will do exactly what the title states – UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! For details about the 2-Day Event, click here

8) FREE Client-Only Facebook Group ($1,595 value)

You’ll have direct access to Khama’s private Facebook Group, just for Elite In6Months.com Clients! In this group, you’ll find a goldmine of networking opportunities, potential JV partnerships and/or sponsorships, high-quality mastermind buddies, friends and maybe even clients! The group is a place to connect with like-minded people and receive support & encouragement. The camaraderie is Out-Of-This-World! You’ll receive instant access as soon as you register and you’ll have membership for the entire 6-month program!

9) FREE E-Coaching ($1297 value)

E-coaching is available, too! Can’t make the call-in hours? No problem, just submit your question to Khama via e-mail Monday-Friday and you’ll receive a response within 24-48 business hours!!!

10) FREE Access to Khama’s Rolodex ($2,995 value)

To save you years of frustration and tons of money Khama will give you access to her rolodex of recommended vendors. Keep in mind, Khama only works with the best – and you’ll have the name and contact info to – her toll-free 800#, her on-line calendar, her email helpserve company, her text and phone blast service, and much more!!!


Jennifer Wilkes
Atlanta, Georgia



“After my very first 1:1 coaching call with Khama, I had seven new prospects IN FOUR HOURS! Of those seven, FIVE BECOME CUSTOMERS!!! Since joining in6months.com, I have a newfound confidence to turn my passion for fitness into a successful business. With Khama’s guidance, I have learned how to work towards my vision and release the fear of succeeding in it!”

Tammye Haynes
Lancaster, Texas



“With in6months.com, Khama puts the idea of over-delivering what she promises on steroids!

When I first checked out her Saturday teleseminar (www.10kcall.com), I received a ton of practical information that I could use right away. At the time, it seemed strange to me that someone would share so much valuable information for free. That free teleseminar convinced me that I needed to be working with Khama.

For me, the over-delivery game-changer happened during my first coaching call. Khama opened my eyes to the possibility of actually building a business directly on my passion rather than continuing to waste time and money on projects to help me get ready to get started.

That initial conversation alone was more valuable to me than ANY investment I made in my business or personal development up to that point.

After that first call, the consistent over delivery of what was promised became very obvious. In addition to the one-on-one coaching calls and training calls, I received priceless insights during free call in hours, unscheduled “just checking in” calls from Khama and email coaching. I received a lot of value from the coaching questions from other clients that Khama shares with the private Facebook group. Khama doesn’t just recommend what I should do and let it go at that. She always makes sure I understand why she is coaching me to take a particular course of action. The fact that she often shares her experiences of learning the hard way is priceless!

My situation required more than marketing for more clients. I was building an entirely new business model to certify coaches in a niche market. I did not really know what support I would need. Fortunately clients of in6months.com receive unbelievable discounts on DVD products, incredible promotional opportunities, and a 4-page vendors list that made putting everything together so much easier.

Within 2 months of in6months.com, I went from ground zero to a 25% full schedule in my coaching practice!

Today my curriculum is in place, training modules are recorded, and students have been consistently enrolling!

I know that anyone who joins the in6months.com will be thrilled by how much more they actually receive in the program than what they expect when they sign-up!”


Austin Grady
Culver City, CA


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The Three Biggest Benefits of in6months.com:
  • 1) The amount of TIME you will save!
  • 2) The amount of MONEY you will make!
  • 3) The amount of HAPPINESS you will experience!

You’ll be able to devote more time and money to your favorite charity!

You’ll have more time and money to nourish your mind, body and spirit with proper rest and relaxation!

You’ll have the ability to co-create extreme results for your clients!




You’ll have more time with family!

Here’s a picture of me with my little sister (our first hug, she’s now 7 years old). I was able to spend an entire 12 MONTHS in London, UK with her over the course of her 1st three years of life because I leverage my business! With in6Months.com – I teach you how to have a business you love, clients that adore you and the freedom to enjoy the ones you love!

Here is a picture of me and my little sister a few years ago with Donald Duck at Disney California. She, my mother and step-father flew in and spent 2 weeks with me in Los Angeles (Psst. I worked about 1 hour a day and spent the rest of the time with my family!)

Here is a picture of me with my Dad and three adorable nephews in Ghana – what a blast! (Psst. I only worked about 10 hours over the course of the 3 weeks while I was vacationing!)

Here is a picture of me with my mom in Ghana – at a party!


You’ll have more time for fun!

Here is a picture of me poolside in Maui! I took a week-long trip for a girls vacation last October. (Everything was top notch! Exclusive resort accommodations, daily maid service, great food and lots of fun!)


On the left, pic from my room at the resort. Center, the GORGEOUS beach (just a 5 second walk from the resort pool) and a pic of the Haleakala Sunrise, and on the right, beautiful pic while sightseeing! Heaven on earth…



Here’s a photo of me as a guest on a Chicago Radio Station! When you do what you love, even work is play :-)


Here’s a photo of me with Kobe at a Lakers Game, it’s a cut out. But it’s still Kobe :-)


Here’s a photo of me out with the girls – stretch limo and 3 Hollywood Night Clubs!


I love going shooting at the LA gun range. Quite a rush!


GunRange2013 GunRange2013.2

You’ll have more revenue to invest in your business

Here’s a box of in6months.com postcards I ship to prospective clients worldwide! When you increase your business, you have more capital to acquire new clients. Although 90% of my marketing is on-line, it’s wise to spend 10% or so on off-line. *You’ll really stand out when you send real mail!

in6months Postcards

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“Khama is an extremely gifted life and business coach. Her work is done with a high level of integrity and respect. Her expertise and knowledge is extensive and easy to implement for quick results. She has been excellent at pin-pointing solutions for my business while still illustrating a high level of compassion and professionalism beyond what was expected. She has truly been a blessing in my life, and her structured program called In6Months.com has changed the direction of my business in a short period of time. You can not work with Khama without finding out that she has a huge heart and an inspiring love for God. I respect her greatly, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants someone to help them change their life in a short period of time.”

Candys Houfburg
Bothell, WA



“Since becoming an in6months.com client, I attracted 9 ideal clients (premiere business owners in Houston) in TWO WEEKS, my fanpage grew to 4321, I launched a membership coaching program AND I have been chosen by Award Winning Producer, Tracey Edmonds & B.E.T Founder, Bob Johnson as one of their Alright TV Vloggers! My segments take you on a 12 step journey each week of achieving success with Work-Life-Balance or Harmony!

And, by Khama’s instruction, I wrote and recorded my affirmations (The Ultimate Vision). I listen to them everyday & they are now apart of me, driving my actions daily! I have been implementing what Khama Anku says, her voice has been in my ear the whole way! Thanks Khama!!!

Kachelle Kelly
Pearland, Texas



“Within the first two months of being in in6months.com, I signed my first 6 month client for training and consultancy services for an international agency! The monthly retainer was just shy of my desired monthly income in my vision – AFTER I changed it to more!! Prior to signing on this client, I had 1:1 coaching with Khama and cleared the internal clutter that had hindered my belief in my own success. I comfortably increased my rates and described my abilities to competently execute the project with ease. Before that coaching with Khama, I did not believe that I could charge top dollar, be accepted and supported by ideal clients, much less attract international clients.

Khama’s tough love approach has challenged me to expand my thinking and vision, face my fears and release them, increase my clarity and confidence, and now I have signed new ideal clients, launched my website, created a strategy to launch my business internationally, released weight through eating clean, and improve my overall well-being and outlook. This has been an answer to prayer!”
Simmone Bowe
Abaco, Bahamas



“After my very first 1:1 coaching call with Khama, I had seven new prospects IN FOUR HOURS! Of those seven, FIVE BECOME CUSTOMERS!!! Since joining in6months.com, I have a newfound confidence to turn my passion for fitness into a successful business. With Khama’s guidance, I have learned how to work towards my vision and release the fear of succeeding in it!”

Tammye Haynes
Lancaster, Texas



“Since being in the In6months.com program, I have gone from lack of clarity to absolute focus and moving forward in my business. Before this program, I was stretching myself way too thin, chasing several rabbits and only making sporadic progress in either of them. Khama has helped me gain insight into my blind spots and what’s been holding me back. Now, I am ready to step out boldly and do what I am great at. Thanks Khama Anku! Already running a new special. Revenue is flowing again!”

Shanshera Quinn
Seffner, Florida



“In6months.com is what I needed at this moment in time to fully pursue my dreams and actually attain them NOW, not 10 years from now. Before In6months.com, I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how to see it all to completion because there were about 20 things I wanted to accomplish at once! Khama showed me how to focus, not give up my dreams but concentrate on one thing at a time and see it through to the end. As an artist focus, or the lack thereof, has been my downfall over the years!
Since signing up for the program, both my husband and I are very intentional and focused on our success as a couple and individuals. We’ve mapped out our future again using the tools Khama gave me. I’ve gained a client or quality account in my travel business every day since starting the program just from my shift in thinking! I look forward to helping others become financially independent with their own travel businesses, gaining more quality clients and booking more travel than I have in the past. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks Khama!”

Apostle Lacey Newell
Columbia, TN


“Khama Anku is one of those rare individuals that just make you become the best person you can be. With a combination of heart, integrity and compassion for others, she has been my life coach for the last two years. She has given me guidance and direction in my personal and professional life and now I have achieved great results in both my business ventures. I thank her deeply and recommend her to all that seek a qualified life coach.”

Roger Silvera
Tampa, FL


“Thank you so much Khama for your loving support and wealth of knowledge. My life and business has been so blessed by your www.In6months.com coaching program. I went from NO clients to PAYING clients. My level of clarity and confidence has skyrocketed. I’m so grateful that I have you as my coach.”

Lou Ann Kent
Spring, TX

“I would highly recommend that you get in www.In6Months.com! Khama taught me how to properly structure my coaching program, how to market myself, create videos, and SECURE IDEAL PAYING clients – within the first 30 days! My biz is SOARING and my confidence is OFF THE CHARTS!!! Khama is fun-loving, focused and truly committed to her client’s success, she even includes 1:1 coaching in her programs – so you get all of the support and accountability you need!! Go apply RIGHT NOW! Trust me, you will not regret it! www.in6months.com”

Carla Armstrong
Baltimore, MD


“If you look up the word “Over-Deliver” in the dictionary you will see a picture of Khama! From her Content Rich and High Quality Products to her Intensive, Value Driven 1 on 1 and Group Coaching Sessions, Khama lays it all out on a Silver Platter with Absolutely ZERO Hype and NO Guesswork to be done! Since being in the program, I’ve learned how to EASILY attract and secure IDEAL PAYING CLIENTS into my new home-based coaching & mentoring business!!! GOD is Truly using her in a Major Way!”
Marquel Russell
Atlanta, Georgia


“I have had the pleasure of working with Khama Anku as my business coach through SpiritualPhysique.com Life Coaching. Khama masterfully employs spiritual insight, wisdom, and passion to effectively equip and empower her clients. As a direct and instant result of her influence, my company has soared to new levels of success which were once a mere wish! I am thoroughly convinced that Khama’s high energy is infectious, her work ethics are impeccable, and her coaching programs are ingenious! I highly recommend her services to take you to next level of your greatness!”
Myles W. Miller
Detroit, MI


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“Oh…my…goodness! The first time I saw Khama (on Youtube) I KNEW I wanted her to be my Coach. And I’m glad God sent her to me! After just 8 weeks of being an Elite Client, I’ve been instilled with the insight and confidence to breath life into my business. I released my Transformation Program, and I have secured clients who are EXCITED to be working with me. I knew all of this was possible before, but working with Khama has really helped me bring it out and put myself out there. Thank you so much. I love you!”

Tiffany McDaniel
Saint Louis, Missouri

“Plugging into Khama’s video trainings and everything that she has, helped me launch my business. No More Making Excuses that I don’t have enough content. God said use the content, wisdom and experiences that are in you. Be yourself. Within 3 weeks – I got 32 new subscribers, launched my monthly coaching club, received 2 sign ups and obtained 3 NEW CLIENTS. So I just want to encourage you all to stay plugged in, do exactly what Khama says, grab every training she has, IMPLEMENT it and you’ll begin to see your vision manifest. Thanks Khama”

LaKeisha Hankins
Roswell, Georgia


“My first introduction to Khama’s coaching business was about 10 months ago when I downloaded one of her free e-books. After that time, I ordered a large number of her DVDs and became one of her “In6months.com” clients. Khama’s easy to understand coaching approach has accelerated my business far above what I could have imagined a year ago. I have my website up, a free e-book developed and my first coaching program launched because of Khama’s wisdom in how to build a business.

Khama, You are a God-sent. May God continue to prosper you and your business!”

Sharon Wilson
Middletown, Delaware


“I was so blessed to be guided to Khama at Spiritual Physique. I have come across many coaches, but something very unique and special hit me about Khama. She is open, authentic and beautiful hearted. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she fills you with hope, joy and belief in yourself and your desire to achieve your goals. Her patience, love and compassion is enormous and she really walks her talk. Khama is a blessing to this world, a beacon of light, to which I have great respect and love for. I urge you to follow this shining, bright example if you wish you improve any area of your life. Truly magnificent. Thank you Khama for remembering who you are and helping others to do the same…..we are lighting up this beautiful world!”

Leah Thomas
Poole, United Kingdom

“Khama is a warm and generous lady, who has created a unique community across the world with her www.in6months.com coaching program. Her course is content rich, and full of learnings. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and within the first 2 months of working with Khama – I completed my ebook “Supreme Confidence in 7 Days” as well as a 90-day Confidence Coaching program. I also created my first 3-day retreat set in the lush Champneys Springs resort. Khama has also coached me to record interviews, which have been great for spreading my message to new customers. Highly recommended.”

Gabby Mottershed
Manchester, United Kingdom


“Khama Anku has been an exceptional coach. She has certainly delivered exceptional value and amazing opportunities to move my profile and business forward. She has been very supportive and created a safe environment for me to test my wings but has also held me accountable and guided me to new heights. I highly recommend Khama Anku as a coach. She is an EXPERT in her field.

Daniella Slabbert
London, United Kingdom

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“Khama is a passionate and motivated Life Coach with a strong drive towards helping other coaching practices. She creates opportunities for people to effectively reach a large audience with a goal of helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams to improve their lives or business. My experience with Khama is that she has tremendous follow through and an excitement which is contagious! I highly recommend working with Khama in whatever capacity you require.”

Katie Meilleur
Toronto, Canada


“It is amazing how a mind-shift will make all of the difference in the world! Even when it’s just a reminder of what you know to be true, Khama has a way helping to redirect my thoughts back to where they belong- success, impact, prosperity, and peace! I am grateful; since our coaching calls, I have seen a tremendous upswing in what I am attracting…. all because my focus has changed. – Thanks Khama!

Tish Times
El Paso, TX



Khama is an excellent coach that has such great passion and experience in assisting her clients reach their highest potential. She not only will coach you along to assist you in your vision, but she will also provide a platform to expose you to an additional client base. She will provide you with strategies to build your business step-by-step with her monthly calls. She’s truly an expert!”
Stephanie McKenny
Columbia, South Carolina


“Before becoming one of Khama’s Elite Clients, I was not maintaining my deadlines and needed accountability. Khama’s firm, but loving coaching has not only taught me how to keep my deadlines, but has helped me accomplish BIG goals – such as launching my own life coaching company! Khama has supported me in many ways, including: helping me increase my faith, get over my excuses, follow my passion, stay organized and step into the life I have always wanted.”

Christina Indar
Tampa, FL


“If you’re looking to catapult your business to the next level, if you’re looking to remove the barriers in your life that are not serving you. Khama will absolutely help you do that! I found Khama on-line, and for a long time she was my “virtual mentor” – following her videos and teachings. Then, when the opportunity came around for me to coach with her, to be personally mentored one-on-one… I jumped on it!!! My business has been going vertical ever since. Khama has really been able to give me the blueprint on exactly which strategies and methods work best for me (my personality type and how I work) to help my business. I’m so grateful to her! She’s been a blessing to me in my life!”

Yvar Belotte
Tampa, FL



“In6months.com is an AMAZING program! Before joining, my confidence level was pretty low and I did not have clarity in regards to running my business. Since joining – that’s all changed! I have much more confidence and clarity – I know what to do, and what not to do. Khama is an awesome, inspirational and intelligent coach & mentor. She really cares about her clients and will firmly and lovingly push you in the right direction with the kind of encouragement we all need. She knows what she’s talking about – she’s “been there, done that”. And now she’s highly successful. It’s a really great program. Give it a shot, you definitely won’t regret it! I didn’t! You’re gonna love Khama and her methods, tools and techniques. You will soar personally and professionally.”
Vania Dimitian
Covina, CA



“Before in6months.com, I knew I needed coaching because I have a lot of ideas and was all over the place not implementing any. But since in6months.com, I have become more clear on the order in which to implement my ideas. I have launched my website, started my own coaching program, I have had my vision board class and I have done my personal vision board. and I am more clear on the direction on where I want to go with my life and my business. If you are thinking about joining – it’s a MUST! If you know you were born to do something great – and you need a push and accountability – that’s what Khama does!”

Theron Brown
Warner Robins, Georgia


“Since starting the In6months program with Khama Anku I have accomplished a lot of goals in just 2 weeks!!! I updated my website, recorded an inspirational message on soundcloud, and recorded a video for my website and youtube! This is an amazing experience because I have gained the confidence I need to move my business forward!!!”
Sherress Hicks
Suffolk, Virginia



“Thank you for being in my life Khama! You are truly a God send! You helped me organize & formulate the vision that God gave me in 2009 and you have encouraged me to birth, “The Glamour Girl: How To Get The Ultimate Makeover.”

Megan Mottley
Memphis, TN



“This program changed my life! Before working with Khama, I was going in circles like a mad woman. I had no real confidence of who I was and what God truly wanted me to do. I was on a full time job that I knew was a dead end for me. I was tired of not living out my purpose and doing what God created me to be. I wanted to spend more time with my family!

Since being a part of the in6months.com program I have:

Released my first audio and e-book for download on my website
Enrolled my boys into a prestigous private school
Launched my coaching business full time
Left my dead end job to pursue my passion
Gained incredible confidence that I had no idea I had
Launched a girls mentorship program and attracted a director
Launched a weekly radio show
Consistently generated new leads for my business and

This program is life changing! Just do what Khama tells you to do and I promise you will see results! Khama is an awesome coach with a passion to see people have amazing success. I am so honored to have been trained by such a passionate leader.”
Keysha Bass
Renton, Washington


“To be quite frank, when I was considering taking Khama on as my coach I was a bit suspicious. I thought, How wise could she be, at her age? Could she really assist me in unleashing my healer and leader? Is this a good use of my time and energy? I decided to venture forth and see. Well, I give thanks that I didn’t allow my inner critic to decide for me and deny me a life altering experience. Hadn’t I’d prayed for a coach who would hold me accountable and not coddle me? Well, God answered my prayer when He directed me to Khama through a dear friend. Khama is insightful and direct. And yet, she’s one of the most loving and generous professionals that I’ve ever met. What inspires me even more than Khama’s powerful coaching is her absolutely divine example of what is possible for us when we believe in ourselves and God. One day, while watching one of Khama’s content-rich DVDs I got it: I don’t have to be perfect to be powerful. And I don’t have to have “it all together” to be ready to serve and make a difference. I’m having breakthrough after breakthrough! I give thanks.”

DeBora M. Ricks
Baltimore, Maryland


“Khama as a person and along with her coaching has totally inspired me and uplifted me in my life! I have also been much more aware of my thoughts, more focused on only what I want, and have increased my faith that good things are coming even if I don’t see them yet (instead of worrying and being impatient). I feel more fearless, grateful and excited for the future! Things are happening much faster than ever before! I am a Los Angeles based Make-Up Artist and my income raised within the first 2 weeks of working with Khama! I wanted more income and I am getting booked up effortlessly everyday! And within the first month of being in www.In6Months.com: #1) I’ve had a goal to being flown around the world to travel more and for work, I got booked a few days ago on a film & I am being flown out to NYC next month for 8 days!! #2) I held an event with a friend/business partner last week, we organized everything that had a great turn out. I didn’t feel nervous or shy of speaking in front of a big group of women (which used to scare the hell out of me!) #3) I was recently hired to work at a big amazing motivational workshop in November & some other exciting speaking opportunities are coming into my life where I have been asked to speaking at another women’s workshops. I feel more confident in myself and my business! #4) When I started working with Khama and in my goals I kept affirming that I had a nice, professional new car that came easily, fast and effortlessly! Then suddenly I crashed my car, totaling it! (Not the way I had planned for this change but the universe works in mysterious ways! lol) Then within 1 week I got an amazing deal and have a new Prius that I found on a lot within 2 miles of where I live!! It all happened so fast & easily!! #5) I have also noticed massive improvements in my personal dating life! I am more honest and speak up and ask for what I want, before I was to scared to say what I really wanted or let my guard down/let other people in! I feel so many other things starting to shift and I cant wait to keep ticking more goals off my list!! Khama, Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement!”

Phoebe Dawson
Los Angeles, CA

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“I’m Tiffani Keaton, mom of nine kids, and creative business and life coach with more than a decade of experience as an customer service based entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping women move from a place of overwhelm and frustration to freedom & empowerment. Since becoming a client in Khama’s www.In6months.com coaching program, in less than 10 WEEEKS – so much has happened for me professionally and personally.

#1) I built, designed, & launched my new website in less than one month! This is phenomenal because I actually owned the domain for more than six months and had a placeholder up all that time. But no more!

#2) I created my first printable info-product! (Gorgeous if I do say so myself) on a topic dear to my heart, “7 Steps to Banishing A Limiting Belief”

#3) By using my vision goal plan I created with Khama, my income has increased!!!

#4) I have completed the outline of my ebook. Once again this has been something I have had on my heart to do for sometime but with Khama’s coaching I took final steps to action.

#5) I have created a group program for coaching clients called “Action School”.

Khama has given me that push of loving kindness to get off my booty and get into action. She has given me so much value that I could never repay her and if I can be one/tenth of the coach to my clients as she is to me, I will be more than happy. Everytime I speak with Khama, I feel as though I have received $1000 worth of value! She has so much to offer and in so many different ways to reach her clients that you can’t help but be helped! I can hear her in my head saying “Call those things that be not as they were” (Romans 4:17). It has made me VERY careful and considerate about the things I say about my life and my childrens lives. In6Months.com is definitely the vehicle that is taking me to my next level!”

Tiffani Keaton
Campbell, OH


I believe in fate! I had been praying for God to fill a void. That void happen to be teaching me the HOW. I prayed for God to put me in contact with the right mentor to help me along the way. Although I had a clear understanding of the WHAT, I didn’t know how to make IT happen. Going through all the testimonials peaked my interest. What is In6months.com? Who is the woman that speaks so humbling and concrete on God’s word. I had to know so I signed up.

I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I soon discovered it was fear. Khama has helped me to overcome my stumbling blocks by addressing the fear. She teaches how to combat your fears by changing your mindset. Although, I’m not finished with the program I can already see the change and success following. I am more confident in running my business. I have become more mindful to eliminate excuses. I have become a “do it now” person.

I am sincerely looking forward to completing this program while upping my success. I appreciate you Khama for all your wisdom and dedication to helping me and others. I thank God for answering prayer.

Servicing: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware & New York City

“As a result of participating in Khama Anku’s www.In6months.com program I have increased the productivity of my business and personal life. Khama requires you to be the best you can be. Under no circumstances does she except excuses. She holds you accountable for putting in the work so that YOU can live the life that YOU were put here to live. Working with Khama I guarantee you will experience a breakthrough. The following list of productivity changes are a direct result of working with Khama:

1. By simply speaking my vision into existence I have attached more organizations and individuals that are willing and ready to work with me. These organizations and individuals know my value and worth and have reached out to me to provide them with services to meet their needs.

2. By uploading more videos to various social media outlets such as Face Book, Twitter and YouTube I have contracted clients for my coaching program.

3. To experience further growth to meet the needs of educators all over the world. I have created a radio show on Blog Talk Radio titled “The Essence of Education Café”.

4. By getting rid of unnecessary stuff (i.e. The papers that have been in your file cabinet for 5 years that you say if you throw them away you will need the documents for a project, but for the last 5 years you have not needed the documents for any project. The people in your life that are weighing you down because their vision and plan is not in alignment with your vision, goals and objectives etc…etc…) I have minimized the distractions, closed chapters/books in my life so that windows/doors of opportunities present themselves. Since I have gotten rid of the unnecessary stuff I am able to acknowledge the opportunities and act on them by moving forward and living my destiny now.

Khama is to be commented on a job well done. You are a radiant beam of sunshine and your light benefits others.”

Shonta Smith
St. Louis, Missouri

“My husband and I came across Khama on Facebook. We started to watch everything we could get our hands on (videos, videos, and MORE videos). I loved her no nonsense approach with the gentle touch!!!!! We spent one Sunday afternoon watching her videos and liked what we saw and heard. Shortly after that, we made the decision to invest in ourselves and equip ourselves with Khama’s success tools (her “How-To” DVDs) that we needed to be successful in our endeavor to coach, train and mentor; in an efficient and successful manner. We had previously made an investment in this area, but Khama dealt with the practical aspects (what I call the nuts and bolts of the business). In the meantime, I continued to watch the videos online and started implementing some of the tips she provided. Then, I decided to enroll in Khama’s in6Months.com training program because I wanted more and I knew she had the knowledge and expertise in the area that I needed.

Since becoming one of Khama’s In6Months.com Clients, in less than SIX WEEKS, the following has manifested:

#1. Client Acquisition - First and foremost, I have secured NEW coaching clients effortlessly and I am continuously improving and working where I am, with what I have and improving daily. It felt so good to provide a professional contract and guidelines to my clients and not have to labor intensively over producing them (Khama’s “How to Fill Your Life Coaching Practice with Ideal Clients – Fast” DVD includes all of the templates, contracts, etc to start a new client).

#2. Speaking Engagements – I have partnered with another financial expert for a live event in Greensboro, NC. Talk about confidence and passion. I realized that once you have a focused vision you can actually see the doors that God has already opened for you. Now! An interesting note here is that I acquired a client out of this venture! I truly believe that the content rich marketing Khama taught me to include weekly teleseminars, testimonials, etc., had a lot to do with converting this person from a potential client into a paying client.

#3. Developed Website - My partner (husband) and I were shopping around to get assistance with the development of our website. Well, after hearing Khama say, “work with what you have, where you are”. My hubby decided to take on this task and he has done a marvelous job.

#4. Weekly Teleconferences – Hosting a teleconference was already part of what I offered. But after listening to Khama talk about consistency, we made the necessary adjustments and started to host the teleseminars on a weekly basis.

#5. Video blogging – This was a big step for me. Khama’s coaching help me to realize how important this step is in our business, therefore, off I went to venture out into the area of video blogging and got over myself and the anxiety about doing them.

#6. Developed Vision - I became more focused. Although I had the knowledge of developing a vision (goals) and had done it in the past and was successful at accomplishing what I had set out to do. I had not developed a vision in a long time. Therefore, some stuff (not so good stuff) started to creep back into my life and my mind. The development of the 6 month vision was a kick in the pants to wake up and re ap the harvest God has promised me. I love it! The development of my vision has helped me to gain confidence, move past my fears and eliminate time wasters in my life. Whatever is not in line of what I am calling into my life has no room in my life.

Khama has beautifully provided and continues to provide a road map for the success of our business. A coaching session with Khama will put your brain to work overtime (even while you sleep :-D). I love it, I am being stretched!!!!!!!! We are truly blessed to have connected with her.”

Natalia Fisher-Jackson
Durham, North Carolina

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“Prior to joining Khama Anku’s in6Months.com, I had been watching her youtube videos, livestream videos and listening to her DVD home study coaching sets for awhile. The things that she would teach about resonated with me on so many levels. I had worked in the professional field for years serving youth and families in many different capacities. I loved my area of profession but at the same time I always felt like there was something more I could do to serve my community. So I decided to sign up for Khama’s in6months.com program. Since I’ve signing up, I have received such a wealth of knowledge and encouragement from Khama Anku as well as her other clients who are enrolled in her program.

Within TWO MONTHS of partnering with Khama:

1) I have taken charge of my health and have lost 9.4 lbs. in a matter of just a few weeks.

2) Designed my own website and launched it in my second month of being in the program.

3) Harnessed many tools that I needed to combat my limiting belief system.

4) Created 3 products to sell on my website. A motivational CD for teens, an E-book to help parents address challenging behaviors in their children and a framed inspirational poem.

5) Created one free product to offer on my website called 7 ways to upgrade your life. Khama you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your kindness, encouragement and clear direction. I have a feeling that after my 6 months of coaching is up I will have to go another round with you ☺. If you are serious about launching a business or at a place where you want to take your life or business to the next level, Khama is your go to girl!”

Sharron Denea Mays
Milwaukee, WI


Since I joined the program, I have seen an EXPLOSIVE GROWTH FINANCIALLY and also in my sense of certainty. The program sparked my creativity for new programs including the one of a kind 3-Day Immersion Turnaround Home Retreat and my Top Performer Bootcamp Scholarship Program. Khama’s program structure is powerful and makes it easy to move forward on a consistent basis. Khama’s small yet effective tips and tricks make a huge difference. Khama’s coaching has made it easier for me to make more revenue and be more consistent!!!

Claudia AlmaLatina Baier
London, UK


“Since becoming a client in Khama’s www.In6months.com coaching program, I have grown much more in my personal life as well as my business. Before Khama, I didn’t have a vision written down on paper or even a business plan.

Since being in the program, I have accomplished the following:

#1) I have been given a $5,000 budget approval by the Urban Ministry of Birmingham, AL to facilitate classes through The Cancer Project (PCRM.org) as a Food for Life Diabetes Program Facilitator and Cooking Instructor.

#2) I have booked Speaking Engagements! One of my goals is to speak. And in one day, I was asked by TWO organizations to speak to the community and to educators on health and nutrition!

#3) I have booked a raw food catering job!

#4) I will be speaking to the diabetes educators’ community in Birmingham on why a plant-based diet has been proven to prevent or reverse the symptoms of diabetes.

#5) I have been very successful at selling my raw food products at local farmers markets, and I also receive orders to prepare raw foods to customers.

#6) I have JV’d with another health coach to launch a new diabetes program that is plant-based. The program is called Blood Sugar Breakthrough: 8 Weeks to Better Blood Sugar Control.

#7) I will be launching my new weight loss group program…90 Days to a Whittled Waist and Longer Life

#8) And because of making some marketing strategy changes Khama suggested, I am more focused and effective! My open rate for my newsletter has increased as well as the numbers of signups for my newsletter, and I am getting people on my calendar.

Since being in www.In6Months.com, I have seen a shift in my life, my confidence, and in my business. I am seeing many of my goals manifesting! I appreciate you Khama for your openness and wonderful high spirit and your unconditional love to teach, to guide, to promote and to empower your clients to their fullest potential. It’s because of you and your direction, I have been able to move past many fears.”

Sandra Everett
Pinson, Alabama

“Khama Anku’s strategy for my business is working! Before joining the in6months.com program, I was stressed because I didn’t have a proper business or marketing plan. Now, I am organized and don’t feel stressed about marketing my business. I’m not doing 100 things, I’m just keeping it simple and getting results! Since partering with Khama…

#1) I have been interviewed on several radio shows.

#2) I have received guest blog post opportunities.

#3) I have received speaker opportunities.

#4) I have created two joint ventures with similar organizations to expand my reach to my target market.

#5) Four organizations who provide services to my target market have reached out to me to promote my business to their customers.

#6) I created a media kit (which a school in New York requested to see for a potential contract for my services).

#7) I created an introduction video describing my personal story and services (uploaded to linkedin, twitter and facebook).

#8) I will be featured in a magazine this month!

#9) I have more time for myself, family, and friends. I have my weekends back! None of this would be possible without Khama helping me to get a clear plan. It is amazing how following Khama’s directions can equal success! If you do what she tells you to do, it works! If you are a business owner in ANY industry, you need to seriously get a coach to push you forward. My life has changed for the better. Khama Anku is that coach who will encourage you and push you to your greatest self! Join her program today! Thanks Khama for your great insight and instruction!”

Ashley Hill
Cincinnati, OH

“Our connection is a divine happening I know this for sure! I’m having amazing results with you as my coach. Your example is phenomenal as a Coach. Thank you so much Khama. I’m learning from one of God’s chosen ones. ;0)”

Atarah Wright
Edmond, Oklahoma


“I would like to share how Khama Anku and Spiritual Physique has been such a blessing to me. I am very grateful for the very personable time Khama spends during the one on one coaching time. Khama truly invests into you personally as a whole; listening and discerning the root to the problem or situation. Khama gives very practical, simple steps to reaching your goals and she’s very encouraging. I love that she and Spiritual Physique are based on the word of God. And reading her book and listening to the Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD SET has helped me see myself differently, to face and overcome my fears and have a new perspective on taking care of business both personally and professionally. I give all glory to God and honor her for operating within the anointing placed on her life. Thank you for living on purpose!”

Kessa Moore
Omaha, NE

“I love that Khama is so direct and has such great experience to share and oh my gosh, it really works!!! Thank you my wise, clever, innovative, loving, generous Coach!”

Tina Nies
Flint, Michigan

“Khama is a powerful speaker. Her signature keynotes are fit for corporate conventions, organizational gatherings, personal empowerment events and high schools/college assemblies. With more than 30 powerful personal and professional development videos, well-crafted e-books, audios and programs, Khama is so real and brings the right solution for the person or organization that wants to not just get TO the next level but also get THROUGH the next level. Khama is firm in her calling. Truly if you’re not ready…she will tell you. If you are being lazy…she will tell you. She doesn’t waste your time with frivolous smoke and mirrors. If you are not giving yourself enough credit, Khama will tell you and then help you see how you HAVE made significant progress. I am reminded as I write this that one of the characteristics of a leader is to love and be loved. (Why else does one pave the way for others?) Such is a fine description of Khama. Her heart is to see people set free from the hindering limitations of their mind. So when she creates, you can bet that it is to make a way for others to succeed and cultivate abundance! If you are ready and willing to follow instructions, then you are ready for Khama’s no-nonsense coaching and training to catapult your life beyond the limits of your current level. I highly recommend that you check her out on the web: www.spiritualphysique.com . While you’re there, click on the tabs and EXPLORE her site, sign up for the free e-books and audio, visit the social media icons, order your copy of “Unleash Your Breakthrough” – A 12 week coaching program. (I suggest that YOU go get it too!)”

Lakisha Canady-Toussaint
Honolulu, HI


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QUESTION: I want IN, but I still need to update my website, change my autoresponders, re-do my e-book, etc. Should I grab my scholarship now or wait?

ANSWER: GO FOR IT. Nothing else MOVES a person into action (gets their ducks in a row), like stepping up to an opportunity that will take him/her to the next level! Plus, spots are filling quickly! And there is no guarantee In6Months.com Scholarships will be offered again! So, reserve your spot now, please call my office toll free (888) 339-8450 EXT. 706 (please leave your full name, email and phone number) or CLICK HERE.

QUESTION: I’m torn. I REALLY want to build my business, but I’m scared! I have fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown and/or fear of overwhelm. Should I still apply for a Scholarship?

ANSWER: YES! You are EXACTLY who this program was created for. There are TOO many people in this world with a calling that can not only help the world, but also make you a good living, but are stopped dead in their tracks because of fear. You’ll notice, step #2 “Mindset Prep” is where we 1) Identify 2) Extract and 3) Replace your limiting beliefs, fears and excuses! Don’t go ANOTHER year in fear! Spots are filling quickly and there is no guarantee In6Months.com Scholarships will be offered again! So, reserve your spot now, please call my office toll free (888) 339-8450 EXT. 706 (please leave your full name, email and phone number) or CLICK HERE.

QUESTION: I want IN, but I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to grow my business?

ANSWER: Well, there are no guarantees in life – except for death and taxes. But I will say, with in6months.com I have a 100% SUCCESS RATE minus the people who either quit OR simply did not follow my directions. So, as long as you aren’t a quitter or one of those, “I’ll do it my way, even though my way doesn’t work” types – you’ll get results! Spots are filling quickly and In6Months.com Scholarships may not be offered again! So, reserve your spot now, please call my office toll free (888) 339-8450 EXT. 706 (please leave your full name, email and phone number) or CLICK HERE.

QUESTION: I want IN, I’ve done things like this before and I’ve always felt like I was an “island unto myself”. Will you really be personally coaching me?

ANSWER:YES! I LOVE 1:1 coaching, and I can’t imagine offering a coaching program without it! I will be the one PERSONALLY COACHING YOU! You won’t be left in the dark to fend for yourself or feel like you are an “island unto yourself”. So, reserve your spot now, please call my office toll free (888) 339-8450 EXT. 706 (please leave your full name, email and phone number) or CLICK HERE.

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