Natalia Fisher-Jackson Testimonial


“My husband and I came across Khama on Facebook. We started to watch everything we could get our hands on (videos, videos, and MORE videos). I loved her no nonsense approach with the gentle touch!!!!! We spent one Sunday afternoon watching her videos and liked what we saw and heard. Shortly after that, we made the decision to invest in ourselves and equip ourselves with Khama’s success tools (her “How-To” DVDs) that we needed to be successful in our endeavor to coach, train and mentor; in an efficient and successful manner. We had previously made an investment in this area, but Khama dealt with the practical aspects (what I call the nuts and bolts of the business). In the meantime, I continued to watch the videos online and started implementing some of the tips she provided. Then, I decided to enroll in Khama’s training program because I wanted more and I knew she had the knowledge and expertise in the area that I needed.

Since becoming one of Khama’s Clients, in less than SIX WEEKS, the following has manifested:

#1. Client Acquisition - First and foremost, I have secured NEW coaching clients effortlessly. I am continuously improving and working where I am, with what I have and improving daily. It felt so good to provide a professional contract and guidelines to my clients and not have to labor intensively over producing them (Khama’s “How to Fill Your Life Coaching Practice with Ideal Clients – Fast” DVD includes all of the templates, contracts, etc to start a new client).

#2. Speaking Engagements – I have partnered with another financial expert for a live event in Greensboro, NC. Talk about confidence and passion. I realized that once you have a focused vision you can actually see the doors that God has already opened for you. Now! An interesting note here is that I acquired a client out of this venture! I truly believe that the content rich marketing Khama taught me to include weekly teleseminars, testimonials, etc., had a lot to do with converting this person from a potential client into a paying client.

#3. Developed Website - My partner (husband) and I were shopping around to get assistance with the development of our website. Well, after hearing Khama say, “work with what you have, where you are”. My hubby decided to take on this task and he has done a marvelous job.

#4. Weekly Teleconferences – Hosting a teleconference was already part of what I offered. But after listening to Khama talk about consistency, we made the necessary adjustments and started to host the teleseminars on a weekly basis.

#5. Video blogging – This was a big step for me. Khama’s coaching help me to realize how important this step is in our business, therefore, off I went to venture out into the area of video blogging and got over myself and the anxiety about doing them.

#6. Developed Vision - I became more focused. Although I had the knowledge of developing a vision (goals) and had done it in the past and was successful at accomplishing what I had set out to do. I had not developed a vision in a long time. Therefore, some stuff (not so good stuff) started to creep back into my life and my mind. The development of the 6 month vision was a kick in the pants to wake up and re ap the harvest God has promised me. I love it! The development of my vision has helped me to gain confidence, move past my fears and eliminate time wasters in my life. Whatever is not in line of what I am calling into my life has no room in my life.

Khama has beautifully provided and continues to provide a road map for the success of our business. A coaching session with Khama will put your brain to work overtime (even while you sleep :-D ). I love it, I am being stretched!!!!!!!! We are truly blessed to have connected with her.”

Natalia Fisher-Jackson
Durham, North Carolina



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