Shonta Smith Testimonial

“As a result of participating in Khama Anku’s program I have increased the productivity of my business and personal life. Khama requires you to be the best you can be. Under no circumstances does she except excuses. She holds you accountable for putting in the work so that YOU can live the life that YOU were put here to live. Working with Khama I guarantee you will experience a breakthrough . The following list of productivity changes are a direct result of working with Khama:

1. By simply speaking my vision into existence I have attached more organizations and individuals that are willing and ready to work with me. These organizations and individuals know my value and worth and have reached out to me to provide them with services to meet their needs.

2. By uploading more videos to various social media outlets such as Face Book, Twitter and YouTube I have contracted clients for my coaching program.

3. To experience further growth to meet the needs of educators all over the world. I have created a radio show on Blog Talk Radio titled “The Essence of Education Café”.

4. By getting rid of unnecessary stuff (i.e. The papers that have been in your file cabinet for 5 years that you say if you throw them away you will need the documents for a project, but for the last 5 years you have not needed the documents for any project. The people in your life that are weighing you down because their vision and plan is not in alignment with your vision, goals and objectives etc…etc…) I have minimized the distractions, closed chapters/books in my life so that windows/doors of opportunities present themselves. Since I have gotten rid of the unnecessary stuff I am able to acknowledge the opportunities and act on them by moving forward and living my destiny now.

Khama is to be commented on a job well done. You are a radiant beam of sunshine and your light benefits others.”

Shonta Smith
St. Louis, Missouri


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