Simmone Bowe Testimonial

“Within the first two months of being in, I signed my first 6 month client for training and consultancy services for an international agency! The monthly retainer was just shy of my desired monthly income in my vision – AFTER I changed it to more!! Prior to signing on this client, I had 1:1 coaching with Khama and cleared the internal clutter that had hindered my belief in my own success. I comfortably increased my rates and described my abilities to competently execute the project with ease. Before that coaching with Khama, I did not believe that I could charge top dollar, be accepted and supported by ideal clients, much less attract international clients.

Khama’s tough love approach has challenged me to expand my thinking and vision, face my fears and release them, increase my clarity and confidence, and now I have signed new ideal clients, launched my website, created a strategy to launch my business internationally, released weight through eating clean, and improve my overall well-being and outlook. This has been an answer to prayer!”
Simmone Bowe
Abaco, Bahamas


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