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“With, Khama puts the idea of over-delivering what she promises on steroids!

When I first checked out her Saturday teleseminar (, I received a ton of practical information that I could use right away. At the time, it seemed strange to me that someone would share so much valuable information for free. That free teleseminar convinced me that I needed to be working with Khama.

For me, the over-delivery game-changer happened during my first coaching call. Khama opened my eyes to the possibility of actually building a business directly on my passion rather than continuing to waste time and money on projects to help me get ready to get started.

That initial conversation alone was more valuable to me than ANY investment I made in my business or personal development up to that point.

After that first call, the consistent over delivery of what was promised became very obvious. In addition to the one-on-one coaching calls and training calls, I received priceless insights during free call-in hours, unscheduled “just checking in” calls from Khama and email coaching. I received a lot of value from the coaching questions from other clients that Khama shares with the private Facebook group. Khama doesn’t just recommend what I should do and let it go at that. She always makes sure I understand why she is coaching me to take a particular course of action. The fact that she often shares her experiences of learning the hard way is priceless!

My situation required more than marketing for more clients. I was building an entirely new business model to certify coaches in a niche market. I did not really know what support I would need. Fortunately clients of receive unbelievable discounts on products, incredible promotional opportunities, and a 4-page vendors list that made putting everything together so much easier.

Within 2 months of, I went from ground zero to a 25% full schedule in my coaching practice!

Today my curriculum is in place, training modules are recorded, and students have been consistently enrolling!

I know that anyone who joins the will be thrilled by how much more they actually receive in the program than what they expect when they sign-up!”

Austin Grady
Culver City, CA


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