Carrie Doubts Testimonial


“Before I started Khama’s program, I was a part-time coach just barely making enough money from my business to meet my expenses. I knew that I wanted to expand my business into a full-time practice, but this felt like a fantasy until I started working Khama. I knew I was a great coach, but I was unclear about my business goals, and did not have a clue on how to market and attract my ideal clients. I priced my services too low, and was working too hard for the results I was getting.

In the last 3 months, I made more money from coaching than I made in the last two years combined – thanks to what I learned from Khama about marketing, client acquisition and how to make my coaching business flourish.

I have a new pricing structure that is attracting long-term clients who pay up front for a year’s worth of coaching. I’m moving into full-time coaching and I feel excited, grateful, confident and well-prepared.

Khama is very knowledgeable about what WORKS for building a successful program. And she is SO generous in sharing what she knows. For instance, she provides templates for contracts, scripts, and almost any kind of resource I needed to create for my business.

As a result of what I’ve learned from Khama, I really know how to attract and get the clients that are perfect for my business. I learned the value of treating my clients like GOLD, and serving them really well. Khama’s encouraging and cares deeply about me and my success – and that of all her clients. Joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Carrie Doubts
Fairfield, Ohio


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