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“After working with the awesome Khama Anku for just 4 months, I made almost as much in one month as I did ALL of last year!

When I joined in6months.com, my business was just barely getting by. It was growing way too slow, clients were scarce and my focus was on creating more products and services rather than marketing what I had already created.
Since joining in6months.com and working with Khama for just 4 months, I have:

  • Regained a sharp focus on my business, as well as, renewed motivation, passion and energy for my work
  • Launched a new website
  • Got over my hesitation and concerns about doing videos, have learned to film and edit them myself and now have them on the new website
  • Began a personal, structured physical health program – the first of this kind I have ever done
  • Booked 3 radio shows with an invitation from a colleague to create and cohost a new show
  • Developed my membership group further
  • Put the finishing touches on a new product my clients have been waiting for
  • Prepared a teleclass in support of my group
  • Found new, easy, fun and less time consuming ways to market my business
  • Have made several strong, valuable referral partner connections
  • Increased the Likes on my business page on Facebook and increased views and shares of my content
  • Created a future action plan for additional articles, videos, teleclasses, products and services to support what I already have in place

WOW! Reading all this would have, in the past, made me tired, now it makes me excited and re-energized! Thank You, Khama!!”

Elaine Lockard
Newport News, Virginia


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