Roland Kemokai Testimonial

“Words could not fully express my profound gratitude for the amazing transformation coach Khama has helped me achieve in my business. She is truly a God-sent angel who’s helped me start enjoying my business even more. As a highly driven entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and passionate life coach, I found myself over-working and seeing little to no results. Since it’s not in me to give-up, I just kept on pushing through the very low clientele and financial challenges. When my finances took a serious nose dive, I began feeling discouraged and burned out. I knew I seriously needed help, and help needed to come fast before stuff hit the fan.

It was as though Heaven heard my plea, and sent me an angel, Coach Khama! Since Khama started working with me, I have gone from being scattered and spread thin, to being focused, better organized in my business, and making way more money. Before working with Coach Khama I could barely pay all my bills, and now I have paid all of my bills with still more cash left over. My clientele has increased dramatically, and I continue to receive new prospects every week. In the first three months of coaching with Khama I achieved my goal of making $3,000 monthly income in my coaching business. By the 6th month, I was up to $6,000 monthly income! I reorganized my coaching programs into a simple 6-month program that all of my older and newer clients really like, and are enjoying my new approach. Thanks to Khama!!

Coach Khama is an amazing genius who is truly gifted in helping others monetize their calling. I have paid off my bills, I am enjoying how my business is soaring with new, ideal clients, and I am so happy to be living my calling while making a nice living. It truly is humbling to live my dream, enjoy helping others, and still enjoy amazing income. I appreciate you so much, Khama! With all the love and gratitude in my heart, thank you for courageously shinning your light and helping me see my steps clearly.”

Roland Kemokai
Round Rock, TX


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